Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Explained: What are the US midterm elections and why are they important

On November 8th, the people of the United States of America will vote to elect their representatives to both the House and the Senate, a mandate that will hugely affect the remainder of Joe Biden’s term as President.

Called midterms because they fall in the middle of a president’s four-year term in office, the elections are extremely important for the party in power in the White House to smoothly pass legislation.

This year, given the prevailing economic and political conditions in the US, the mid-terms are not the “usual mid-terms”. Inflation and the ongoing war in Ukraine have also determined that the outcome of the election will have far-reaching consequences.

House and Senate

One of the two houses of the bicameral United States Congress, the House of Representatives makes and passes all legislation. It is the members of the House who decide which laws are voted on.

There are currently 435 members of the House of Representatives, and each state is represented in the House based on its population and at least one representative.

All 435 seats in Congress’s lower chamber, the House of Representatives, are being contested during the midterms.

The Democratic Party currently holds a majority in the House, albeit a weakened one. While Democrats have 220 members in the House, Republicans have 212, and three are vacant. Each representative serves a two-year term in the House.

The upper chamber, as far as the Senate is concerned, accounts for one-third of the 100 seats. Members of the Senate are elected for six-year terms on a rolling basis, meaning that one-third of the total seats in the Senate come up for election every two years. Each US state has two senators.

A vast power is vested in the Senate, which can prevent it from approving legislation and deciding on appointments made by the President. The Senate also has the powers to conduct any investigation against him.

Currently, the Senate is split 50-50. However, the Democrats are in control as Vice President Kamala Harris has the deciding vote.

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In order to pass legislation it is important for the party in power in the White House to control both chambers. Historically, the tendency has been that the party in power often loses seats in both houses.

For Biden, that could mean obstacles in getting one of the Republican houses to pass his agenda. In addition to adding incentive for a Donald Trump or Republican comeback, it could also help the GOP push through the legislation they want.

polling data and preliminary forecast Also does not appear to be in favor of Biden. Election trackers indicate Republicans are winning the House of Representatives, but Democrats have a 61 percent chance of capturing the Senate. But, the odds are strong and even a single seat slip in an evenly divided Senate could change the equation.

Even a divided Congress where Republicans control the House and Democrats the Senate would not be an ideal scenario. It would be an obstacle to passing legislation on serious issues like immigration and health care and could even block the investigation into last year’s capitol coup.


The midterms have far-reaching implications this time as Republicans control both or one chamber could have ramifications for protecting abortion rights in the country, as the Supreme Court prepares to decide a case that could result in a row. . v. Wade was overturned at the end of the year.

Republicans are also threatening to investigate topics of interest to them, such as Hunter Biden’s business deals, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Even US foreign policy on the Russia-Ukraine war could change. It will be difficult for Biden to make new appointments including to the US Supreme Court.

The election may also hold the key to the future of the next presidential candidate for 2024. If the Trump-endorsed candidate doesn’t prove himself in the midterms, it could affect his chances of running for president again.


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