Wednesday, March 29, 2023

DNA Exclusive: Fugitive preacher Zakir Naik to deliver lecture on Islam amid FIFA WC | india news

Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, who is wanted by Indian security agencies for his alleged involvement in several anti-national activities, is all set to deliver lectures on Islam during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It is being said that Qatar is using the FIFA World Cup to promote Islam internationally.

In today’s DNA, Rohit Ranjan of Zee News analyzes Zakir Naik’s controversial participation in the FIFA World Cup.

Social media claims on Zakir Naik

It is being claimed on different social media accounts that Zakir Naik has reached Qatar. In a video going viral on social media, Zakir Naik is seen growing up a bit, although he is seen wearing the same outfit as usual. Qatar is the same country which had met the Indian Ambassador, asked the stand of the Government of India on Nupur Sharma’s statement and expressed its protest. Angered by the remarks made on Prophet Mohammad, Qatar is now calling the infamous man a preacher for insulting other religions. Qatar, where a big event like the Football World Cup is being held, has invited an Islamic preacher to declare football as haram.

DNA brings a speech by Zakir Naik, in which he is presenting his revolutionary views on sports like football. Nevertheless, they are being given a chance to participate during the mega event.

Zakir Naik in Qatar

Its neighboring country has created ruckus regarding Hijab. Women in the Islamic country of Iran have risen up against the government of Sharia law. Islamic preachers who prefer Hijab are not able to utter a single word against Hijab being forced on women. Iran’s football team today supported the protests against the hijab by women in their country.


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