Sunday, March 26, 2023

Bigg Boss 16 Sumbul Touqeer Father Talk About Shalin Bhanot And Tina Datta In Upcoming Episode

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Sumbul Touqeer’s Father’s Reaction : These days high voltage drama is being seen in Bigg Boss. All the cameras in the house are seen revolving around Tina, Shaleen and Sumbul. Sumbul has fallen alone in this house. Seeing Sumbul’s growing obsession towards Shaleen, Salman Khan brought her on his radar this time. But it seems that Sumbul Touqeer’s father did not like this at all.

Recently, Bigg Boss has shared a new promo of the latest episode in which Sumbul is seen talking to her father, shedding tears while sitting in the confession room. Sumbul’s father seems very angry with him, but his father is telling Shaleen and Tina responsible for all these things.

Sumbul’s father put all the blame on Shaleen and Tina and asked them to show their status. Sumbul’s father is seen saying that “Son, now Tina and Shaleen have to show their status, that too on National TV… She is not ashamed to speak to Tina… After listening to her father’s words, Sumbul is seen saying – Dad, I will do whatever you say.

Releasing the latest promo, Colors TV wrote on its official page that – After talking to your father, what will we see in Sumbul 2.0..? Whether Sumbul gets any enthusiasm after listening to his father’s words or not, it will be seen in the coming episodes. Because last time also Sumbul’s father had explained a lot to her but immediately after her father’s departure Sumbul ran towards Shaleen. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see which new form of Sumbul is seen.

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