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Demand for SIT probe into the killing of BJP workers in Bengal, SC issues notice to the state government

May 18, 2021 23:54 First

New Delhi [India]May 18 (ANI): The Supreme court Notice issued on Tuesday West Bengal The State Government after hearing a joint petition filed by the brother of BJP activist, who was allegedly killed by Trinamool Congress (TMC) activists are demanding a direction for a Special Investigation Team (SIT) probe into the alleged killings.
A two-judge vacation bench of the apex court headed by Justice Vineet Saran and Justice BR Gavai issued the notice to him. West Bengal After hearing a petition filed by Biswajit Sarkar, brother of deceased Bharatiya Janata Party worker Abhijit Sarkar and others.
Supreme court was hearing a petition filed by two families BJP supporters who were allegedly killed TMC result day worker West Bengal Assembly elections were announced.
Senior advocate Mahesh Jethmalani, appearing for the government, told the court that on May 2, the government’s house was allegedly attacked. When Abhijit Sarkar and the petitioner (Biswajit Sarkar) reached back home, the BJP The activist was dragged outside her house and allegedly “murdered”.
“It is a very serious matter. There are two eye-witnesses. The state is not taking any action when two persons have been brutally killed. It is a matter which needs to be probed and transferred to CBI or SIT, Jethmalani submitted to the apex court bench. today.
Jethmalani said the alleged killings took place when the results of the state assembly elections were declared. One of the petitioners is the brother of a member of a political party who was allegedly murdered.
“There is complete inaction by the state to not act and suppress the investigation. The brother was allegedly murdered when the election results came on May 2. Another activist was also murdered. Police kept quiet No one helped and they were left to die. It was at the behest of the state administration,” he said.
Supreme court Said that he is issuing notice to the state government.
“We issue notice. Give it to the state. We will hear it next Tuesday,” the bench said.

The petitioner states “when the state machinery fails to protect the life, liberty and property of citizens and the investigation to the aid of accused persons”, it is imperative that this court act to prevent undue miscarriage of justice. The steps taken by the victims and their family members.
“There is a complete breakdown of law and order and the inherent apathy of the institutions, which despite taking an oath to act independently, have become partisans and are involving themselves in the loss of human life and the cries of a common man. per se are non-reactive. Such laxity and lapses in investigation will result in failure of justice and rule of law.” the petitioner said.
The plea states that the state government is failing in its duty to protect its people and its agencies cannot be expected to act impartially. “When allegations are leveled against the police force of the State, it becomes imperative to hand over the investigation to an independent agency. This will also reassure the relatives of the deceased and ultimately lead to a just and credible result,” the plea said. Told.
When an ordinary citizen complains against a powerful administration, any indifference, inaction or lethargy shown in protecting his right guaranteed in law will paralyze and destroy the trust built up in the judicial system. It is to be seen that the accused persons are punished and the might of the State is not used to save itself and its people,” the plea said.
It said that law enforcement agencies are refusing to register FIRs and are refusing to accept the statements of victims.
“The law enforcement agencies are getting signatures on blank pieces of document to manipulate the versions and thus allow the accused to go scot free,” the plea said.
He said the accused named in the complaints were not being arrested and the delayed steps in the name of investigation were “a ploy to protect the ruling party cadre”.
He also said that the law enforcement agencies are deliberately delaying the start of the investigation so that by then all the evidence is destroyed or cleared.
“The role of the ruling party in power needs to be probed as its party cadre is at the forefront of retaliatory violence,” the plea said. (ANI)


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