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BJP-ruled states to implement scheme for children orphaned due to COVID-19 on anniversary of NDA government

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May 22, 2021 19:04 First

New Delhi [India]May 22 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party President JP Nadda wrote to all party-ruled states on Saturday regarding a scheme for the welfare of Children who have been orphaned because of COVID-19 Epidemic.
The scheme will be implemented on May 30, the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government completes seven years.
party chief has asked everyone BJP States should prepare a draft welfare policy as soon as possible Children who have lost their parents COVID-19 on the basis of “situation, needs and tradition” of their states.
He said that in view of the current situation, no program would be organized to celebrate the completion of seven years of the NDA government. COVID-19 Situation in the country.
“This type of pandemic has not been seen in a century. Not only India but the whole world has been affected. This pandemic has taken away many dear ones from us and has left deep wounds on the country and society. Unfortunately, the tragedy is so great that many Children who lost both his parents. We all feel the pain in their lives. We have to think about their future and take concrete steps. It is also our social responsibility to stand with them for their future and give them all kind of support.

BJP With regard to the guidelines for such a comprehensive plan, the chief said Children And their families will be distributed soon.
“It will be implemented in the plan BJP In the ruled states on May 30, the day the NDA government completes seven years.
Nadda said BJP The family will dedicate the day of completion of seven years of the NDA government to the service of the people under the mantra “Seva Hi Sangathan Hai”.
He said the party would organize service programs in different parts of the country to express gratitude to the people for giving them the opportunity to serve the people for seven years.
“To show our gratitude, various service programs will be organized in different parts of the country. In this pandemic, our service effort eases people’s hardships, strengthens the fight against COVID, that is our aim and determination “
“I am confident that due to our collective efforts, we will be able to come out of this COVID-19 crisis,” he said.
Nadda said that in this difficult time, the party-led government is fulfilling its responsibility keeping in mind the interests of the people. (ANI)


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