Wednesday, March 29, 2023

‘Reservations will help transgenders avail better opportunities’: India’s first trans judge | India news

Indore: Joyita Mondal, India`s first transgender judge, on Friday urged the government to provide more facilities and reservations for the social upliftment of the transgender community. Speaking to ANI, she said, “Although transgenders have been accorded a legal status and identity, they haven’t got many opportunities at the big level.” “The government needs to run awareness programs for the transgender community. Also, every state must be having a Transgender Development Board so that decisions can be taken for their upliftment,” she added. Mondal also emphasized the need for legalization of same-sex marriage and allowing the adoption of children by transgenders.

“Legalising same-sex marriage is very important. After fighting all the stigma, when someone gets a (sex change) surgery done, they are not left with anyone to support them. That’s why earning the right to marry and have a partner is very important. Also, we should be having the right to adopt children,” she further said.

She also highlighted the need to provide basic facilities and human rights for transgender people. “Even after so many years, transgenders don`t have access to basic facilities such as schools and hospitals. We don`t want separate facilities for us, as it will alienate us further. We want facilities along with the others,” she said. .

Mondal also stressed the need for reservation for transgenders, to give them a chance at availing better opportunities. “Reservations are very important in every area. If transgenders are also provided reservations, it will help more people from the community to get better opportunities,” she added.


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