Saturday, March 25, 2023

Pet dog brutally killed, hind legs cut off with sharp weapon in Ambala | India news

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New Delhi: In a horrific incident, a pet dog was brutally killed by some unknown miscreants with some sharp weapons in the Laxmi Nagar of Ambala. The owner of the dog was not at home when it was assaulted.
As per the ANI report, the forensic investigation confirmed that the dog was assaulted with some sharp weapon and it died due to excessive bleeding.

The doctor who performed the post-mortem of the dog said that the back legs of the dog had been cut with a sharp weapon and the head had also been hit with a stick. It had multiple injuries in internal organs. It died due to excessive bleeding.

The owner of the dog told ANI, “My pet is called `shadow`. My neighbors informed me that some people killed it.”

Initially, the case was not registered by the police. But some social organizations, which work for the protection of street dogs and animals, wanted legal action in the case. Late at night in sector nine, people from different organizations gathered and started demonstrations. They shouted slogans, and sat on a `dharna`.

A member of such an organization told ANI, “the dog was killed brutally. This act can`t go unpunished. We have made it a point that the police needed to take stern actions against the offenders.“

The owner of the dog alleged that the accused was bitten by the dog once. To avenge that, he inflicted such cruelty upon the dog. SHO Rajesh Kumar said, “The case is already registered against two people. The investigation is underway.”


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