Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Joshimath Sinking: Cracks Increase, Crackometer Installed in House Shifts | India News

The cracks that have developed in the houses and structures in Uttarakhand’s Joshimath have started increasing again, after no new cracks were seen for around a week. A crackometer installed in a house in Singhdhar ward has shifted from its place due to the widening of cracks. The affected resident, Ashish Dimri, has demanded that the administration mark his house unsafe, as the cracks in its walls have increased in the last three days.

Dimri alleged that he had informed the administration about the matter, which deemed the situation as normal. Scientists of the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) said that crackometers had been installed in more than 60 houses of the ward, which had been inspected for about 15 days.

The cracks on the Badrinath Highway near Singhdhar Ward have also been increasing. The administrative officers inspected the spot after receiving information about it. At present, no other report of an increase in cracks has surfaced. The Rapid Action Force (RAF) which was deployed by the Center in the city left on February 5.

The team was expected to stay in Joshimath till February 10 to carry out inspections and investigations in various affected areas. RAF Deputy Commandant Mukesh Kumar, who reached Joshimath with 50 personnel on February 4, had said that the team would collect data and assess the damage in the areas affected by land subsidence.


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