Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Groom enters wedding venue in SWAG, rides bike with his pet dog- Watch | India News

viral video: A groom riding his bike into his wedding venue is causing quite a fuss online. People have been intrigued by the fact that he is sharing this important time in his life with his pet dog. “Dogs are a man’s best friend,” the saying goes. The video was uploaded to Instagram by user Darshan Nandu Pol. They wrote “Like A Boss” while sharing the video. In contrast to other grooms, this one decided to bring his favorite dog along with him, and the internet is gushing over the adorable video. On Instagram, the video of the groom and his dog has gone viral.

The video shows the groom arriving at the wedding location on a bike while wearing traditional wedding attire. The dog is also shown wearing lovely attire. The groom can be seen entering the location with his pet kid while beaming from ear to ear in the video.

A few days back, the video was posted. The video has been widely popular since it was spread. Nearly two million people have watched it so far, and that number is steadily rising with more than 2 lakh likes on the video. A user commented, “So cute… This is how it should be, no matter what the occasion our furry babies should be first.” Another user wrote, “OMG! So adorable”.


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