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Online Dating: Pictures or Text – What Gets More Attention to Your Dating Profile? Learn to make it more attractive. relationship news

Dating Tips: Since covid, online dating has picked up pace across the world, most of the people are signing up for these online dating apps to find a good match as per their requirements. The attractiveness of the profile picture and text depends on the level of attention being received. It is important to understand that your picture and bio or text form the basis for the first impression and it has nothing to do with how the person may be.

According to a study titled “What People Look at Multimodal Online Dating Profiles: How Pictorial and Textual Cues Influence Impression Formation” published in ‘Sage Journals’ in 2021, “…pictures and texts are processed independently and separate -leads to different assessment of cue attractiveness before impression is formed.

This study assessed a number of factors such as profile pictures, profile text and dating profiles, and analyzed further measures—eye tracking and attractiveness perception.

This study cites More than 75% were focused on the text and about 15-20% were focused on the picture.

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Tips to make your profile attractive

1. Smile, please!

A simple smile goes a long way in making a lasting impression but make sure the smile looks genuine.

2. Add your travelogue

A solid winning profile is what makes for an attractive profile. Simply showing yourself in an exotic or beautiful location will be a great conversation starter.

3. Avoid taking selfies in the bathroom

No wonder dating app Bumble banned bathroom mirror selfies in October because they were too common and not aesthetically pleasing at all.

Instead, take a selfie that features you and your pet!

4. Don’t just show, tell too

Don’t write vague statements about your daily routine or your past life, be more systematic in your approach. Choose a statement for your bio that creates a visual image of your text.

5. Talk about holiday plans, not family plans

Your dating profile bio or text can contain items on your bucket list or vacation plans with your partner. But speaking of a family business, your niece and especially your mother should be kept off your dating profile. Leave it for later, maybe!

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Here’s a pro tip guys, try adding a compliment to that “hey” when starting a conversation or maybe a flirty question instead of going plain old “hi, how are you?”. Go big guys!


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