Saturday, March 25, 2023

Police arrested seven people in connection with the murder of the realtor.

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Police have arrested seven people in connection with the murder of a realtor Jangam Chanti Babu (25), a resident of Nadendla mandal in Palnadu district. The remains were exhumed from the Bommuluru cemetery in Krishna district and police have sent the samples to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).

Rayapati Venkanna has been made the prime accused in the case.

Police said Chanti Babu befriended property criminal Venkanna while dealing with a property dispute in Nadendla mandal. Venkanna allegedly asked Chanti Babu to exchange some jewelery that he had stolen for cash.

Chanti Babu allegedly misappropriated around 330 grams of gold, which came to the notice of Venkanna. Angered by this, Venkanna allegedly kidnapped Chanti Babu on September 16 last year. Venkanna and other accused allegedly brought Chanti Babu to a hotel on Besant Road in Vijayawada and beat him to death. Police said the accused buried the body at Bommuluru village in Krishna district.

Chanti Babu’s relatives lodged a missing report with the police. Meanwhile, Venkanna also tries to kill Chanti Babu’s uncle, who was registering a missing case with the Nadendla police, Palanadu SP Y. Ravi Shankar Reddy said.

A case of attempt to murder was registered in which Venkanna’s role was confirmed. The police arrest Venkanna, who allegedly confesses to having killed Chanti Babu.


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